First-Aid | Safety and Rescue |Emergency Response and Training

Achieving safety within a production plant, worksite, construction, offshore, onshore and other heavy engineering sites entails the adoption of layers of safety measures that can work independently.

Nobody expects catastrophic event to occur to them - A catastrophic event that may be of hazardous nature, endangering people, damaging to environment and facilities. Yet the fact of the matter is emergencies or disasters of various magnitudes may happen to anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

Prepare yourself for every worst case scenario. Brainstorm for all possible hazards and Training for emergency situations. When confronted in an emergency or crises situation we tend not be able to access and react clearly. Prior training can help you, prepare you. The training received kicks in, in such crises, emergency or rescue situations.

Floods, Hurricanes, Fires, Explosions, Chemical Spils

Cuts, Crush, Other bodily harms, trauma, medical emergencies

Process, Design, Controls, Warnings, Extreme Warnings, Material Safety, Safety plans, Safety Directives, Preparedness.

Which worksite has the most expensive safety measures installed?
Answer is – The worksite which has an absence of adequate and reliable safety measures and layers.

FSE-SAFE HQ in Singapore

Hub for First-Aid products, Emergency Products, Rescue kits and Training. Training to prepare and empower safety leadership in everyone. Attitude to help them want to make sure they and all their team members be safe. To speak up at safety meetings. Human oversight, arrogance, negligence, taking shortcuts can have unfavourable results despite having other safety measures.

Be the workplace that prides itself on how it looks after its people and keeps them Safe!