FSE Safe Reach and Rescue System

FSE Safe Reach and Rescue Telescopic Rescue System are specially designed to improve safety at the time of incidents in water, ice, mud, flood, etc. It is faster to operate due to their features of the precision-engineered which makes it more efficient.

Reach and Rescue Poles are available in a telescopic design. They are built in both fiberglass and ultra-light carbon fiber. Where carbon fiber poles are strongest and lightweight extendable pole as it is weighted 20-30% lighter than fiberglass poles for better rigidity. These poles are fitted with adjustable clamps that release each section for smooth and fast extension and retraction.

The most versatile and longest rescue pole system in the world ranges from 5m to 17m. Reach and Rescue is the backbone of the system and its telescopic device extends and contracts to accurately deploy flotation devices or other tools. The telescopic poles have adjustable clamps. Each clamp releases the section above in a smooth action enabling fast extraction/retraction. It is simple to use, as it accurately addresses a rescue system directly to the victim and improves operator safety every time.

Various poles are available such as extendable lengths starting from 5 m through to the largest extended length of 17 m. These incredibly long reach poles are portable and adjustable to 1.8 m – 2.4 m in length at the time of easy storage and transport.

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Longest FSE Reach and Rescue Poles (RRP) are the most versatile big reach extension pole, and strong rescue pole systems and tools. Reach and Rescue comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all products. Reach and Rescue Products available are guaranteed and of the best price

Get in touch with our sales support for desired sizes as standard sizes are made specifically on request. We are having sizes available 5m, 9m, 13m, 17m.

The big reach extension pole has been designed by Reach and Rescue Limited in conjunction with a leading UK Fire and flood rescue division, to improve the operator’s safety and capability at the water, ice, mud, and flood-related incidents.

Quickly & accurately deploy flotation or rescue devices Save valuable, lifesaving minutes on your rescues. The Reach and Rescue Pole - Telescopic Rescue Pole Multipurpose Rescue Equipment

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The Rescue Poles are manufactured using multiple layers of the highest-grade carbon fibre giving the system outstanding strength, rigidity and light weight. This provides users with control and confidence in the pole which ensures accuracy and speed in vital rescues.

  • Improved Operator Safety
  • Poles extend to 60ft length
  • Accurate Deployment
  • Faster Retrieval
  • Simplicity
  • Huge Capability
  • Feet on the ground. No need to enter the water
  • Poles not affected adversely by wind or current
  • Extending and collapsing of poles is very quick
  • Easy concept. Minimal Training
  • Many different pole end rescue tools to choose

Accessories for the Reach and Rescue Pole System

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