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FSE SAFE Projects Pte Ltd exhibiting at Gastech Expo 2023, Singapore. Dates: 5th to 8th September 2023 Expo
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Gastech Exhibition 2023: Pioneering the Future of Energy, Climate and Technology

Embarking on its legacy of over 50 years, Gastech stands proudly at the heart of crucial discussions surrounding natural gas, LNG, hydrogen, low-carbon solutions, and climate technology. As we anticipate Gastech 2023, the world's most significant congregation for these industries, we eagerly await this landmark event at the renowned Singapore EXPO, scheduled from 5th to 8th September.

Gastech 2023 will serve as a compass guiding us toward the future, amid a profound industry-wide transformation aimed at propelling us closer to the goal of net-zero emissions. Distinguished thought leaders and innovators from the energy sector will assemble for an unparalleled four-day experience, collectively exploring the outlook for the entire energy value chain.

Products we will showcase at Gastech 2023

Ex Proof Apple iPhone and iPads

Attexo Explosion-Proof Apple iPhone and iPads – engineered to safeguard against extreme hazards and environments. Uncompromisingly rugged, these devices are fortified with cutting-edge technology, offering unparalleled protection against explosions and potential damage. With meticulous attention to detail, each device meets stringent safety standards, assuring reliable performance in the most hazardous settings.

Attexo Explosion-Proof Apple iPhone and iPads are designed to cater to industries like oil and gas, mining, and manufacturing, where safety is paramount. Stay connected, while maintaining peace of mind, with these robust devices that elevate productivity without compromising on safety. Embrace the future of industrial-grade technology with Attexo.

Passive Fire Safety Jackets

Discover unparalleled protection with SIPA’s Passive Fire Safety Jackets – the ultimate safeguard for your assets. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, these fire-resistant jackets provide critical defense against flames, heat, and smoke, ensuring the utmost safety in the event of a fire. With SIPA’s commitment to quality and innovation, trust in the reliability of our Passive Fire Safety Jackets to shield your valuable investments and secure your peace of mind.

Flame and Gas Detector

Experience top-tier safety with ESP’s Flame and Gas Detector – your vigilant guardian against potential hazards. Utilizing state-of-the-art sensing technology, this detector offers early and accurate detection of flames and harmful gases, minimizing risks and ensuring swift response in critical situations. With ESP’s unwavering commitment to excellence and safety, trust in our Flame and Gas Detector to provide unmatched protection for your premises and personnel. Stay ahead of danger with ESP’s advanced detection solutions.


Explosion-Proof Kiber Kits, a cutting-edge solution engineered to ensure safety and efficiency in hazardous environments. Developed with meticulous attention to detail, this collaborative kit combines state-of-the-art explosion-proof technology with seamless teamwork capabilities. From industrial settings to high-risk locations, trust in the reliability of Kiber Kits to enhance operational resilience while safeguarding personnel. Experience unparalleled protection and collaboration with our advanced Explosion-Proof Kiber Kits.


Discover the pinnacle of safety and illumination with Adalit’s Explosion-Proof Torches, Hand Lamps, and Cap Lamps. Meticulously designed for use in hazardous environments, these advanced lighting solutions offer reliable and durable performance in the most challenging conditions. With cutting-edge explosion-proof technology, Adalit ensures utmost protection while delivering powerful illumination. From industrial to emergency applications, rely on Adalit’s trusted range of products for unmatched safety and efficiency in critical operations. 


Experience unparalleled safety and illumination with Explosion-Proof Raytec Lighting. Engineered to withstand hazardous environments, these cutting-edge lighting solutions offer reliable and robust performance. With advanced explosion-proof technology, Raytec Lighting ensures optimal protection without compromising on brightness or efficiency. From industrial to high-risk applications, trust in Raytec’s proven expertise to deliver exceptional lighting solutions that enhance safety and visibility in critical operations. Illuminate your workspace with confidence, backed by Raytec’s superior explosion-proof lighting solutions.

Ex Stream Fans

Ex Stream Fans by Woodcock and Wilson – the epitome of reliability and safety in hazardous environments. Engineered with precision, these fans provide powerful and efficient airflow, ensuring optimal ventilation and temperature control. With rigorous adherence to explosion-proof standards, Woodcock and Wilson’s Ex Stream Fans guarantee enhanced safety while maximizing performance. From industrial to offshore applications, trust in the expertise of Woodcock and Wilson for cutting-edge ventilation solutions in high-risk settings.

Ex Bug Blower

Discover Bug Blower Ventilation Fans – the ultimate solution for efficient and reliable airflow in critical environments. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, these fans offer exceptional performance in various applications. With Bug Blower’s commitment to quality, trust in our ventilation fans to provide optimum airflow and ventilation while ensuring safety and comfort. From industrial to commercial settings, Bug Blower Ventilation Fans are the go-to choice for superior ventilation solutions.

Safety Swing Gate

Saferack’s Self-Closing Adjustable Length Safety Gates – the epitome of enhanced safety and convenience in industrial settings. Engineered with precision, these gates offer seamless adaptability to varying openings while providing reliable fall protection. Compliant with stringent safety standards, Saferack ensures optimal security with self-closing mechanisms that eliminate human error. Elevate your workplace safety with Saferack’s advanced Adjustable Length Safety Gates, designed to safeguard personnel and prevent accidents efficiently.

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