“FSE Safe - Man Overboard Recovery and Marine rescue cradles”

Man Overboard Recovery and Rescue Cradle is used all over the world everywhere in the marine industry. Multiple types of man overboard recovery equipment available such as Scramble Nets, Power-Assisted Cradles, Manual Scoop Cradles, Rescue Scoop, Rescue Frame, etc.

This professional water rescue product is efficient and easy to operate in all weather conditions.

Key Features:

1. Easily operate to rescue a weak or unconscious person.
2. Best manual recovery equipment for efficient rescue of the person.
3. Helps to lower the time required by providing fast, reliable, and powerful retrieval.
4. Includes a fold that is helpful for stowage on deck or railing and can be used for immediate deployment.
5. Takes the least space and won't obstruct passage even on a small rescue craft
6. A powerful scrambling net that can support the person to climb onboard.


FSESAFE Dacon Marine Rescue Equipments

Man Overboard Recovery Equipments and Rescue Cradles

Manual Scoop Cradles | Davit System , Power-Assisted Cradles | Scramble Nets

Man Overboard Recovery and Rescue Cradle - Safe Horizontal Recovery and Rescue for all types of vessels. Manual lifting cradle frames for smaller rescue crafts, FRCs and Life Boats. Power-Assisted Lifting cradle scoops onboard larger rescue vessels


FSE DACON Rescue Frame

Introduction :

  • A Manual Rescue Net for gentle and effective recovery
  • Enables a man overboard recovery in a horizontal position and is quick and easy to handle for rescue personnel
  • Folds for stowage on deck or railing. Always ready for immediate deployment.
  • Requires a minimum of space on board. Will not obstruct passage even on small rescue craft.
  • Can double up as a Scrambling Net for persons able to climb to safety

Typical Applications :

MOB Boats | SAR Boats | Fast Rescue Boats | Military RHIBS | Life Boats | Cruise Tenders | Tug and Workboats

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FSESAFE Power-Assisted Rescue Scoops for Larger Vessels

Introduction :

  • Large crane operated rescue "net" for horizontal recovery of casualties from the water, directly onboard rescue vessels
  • Gentle and effective retrieval of casualties
  • Rescue reach of 4-6 m
  • Light- weight and flexible
  • Stows along railing or bulwark, or integrated in the cargo rail
  • Robust design and long life expectancy
  • 5 years manufacturer`s guarantee

Typical Applications :

ERRV / Standby / SAR Cutters | Navy Ships | Crew Tranfers / Small Feries | Offshore wind / Offshore support | Tug and Workboats | Seismic Support | Pilot Vessels - Coast Guard Cutters

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FSESAFE Man Over Board (MOB) Recovery Cradle

The MOB Recovery Cradle is a man overboard recovery device. The cradle has been accepted by the MCA (UK Flag) to be used on all vessel types. It is a maritime recovery system that can be operated by a single crewmember and used as a boarding ladder, scramble net and stretcher.


Key Features:

  • SOLAS Type Approved by Lloyd's Register
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Multiple uses (recovery cradle, boarding ladder, scramble net, stretcher)
  • No requirement for annual servicing
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Width - 1.3m
  • Length - Up to 15m
  • Weight - 1.6kg per metre
  • Safe Working Load
    • Cradle - 150 kgs
    • Scramble Net - 600 kgs

Let us discuss more the product in detail:

The Dacon Rescue Frame

Dacon Rescue Frame is equipment that is quick, easy, and efficient to handle. It is a rescue net mainly used on rescue craft for the exhausted and seriously injured person. Provides fast, gentle, and powerful recovery from the water.

For using Dacon Rescue Frame the operators should be provided with training and a brief introduction. It is specially designed to operate on rescue craft for better recovery.


If we talk about the design for Dacon Rescue Frame then let me tell you that it consists of numerous parallel fiberglass bars which are connected by slotted webbing. The bars are designed for better grip as it is developed with flotation, a maneuvering stick, and hand-loops for easy grip.

Medical Aspects:

Easy to recover the exhausted person in a horizontal position sue to which the person gets full-body support. It is essential as the body of the person gets exhausted in water and this also reduces the chance of injury. You can easily configure and detach Dacon Rescue Frame in seconds and use it as an effective transport stretcher when needed.

How to Use?

The Dacon rescue frame when required can be easily stretched down the freeboard developing a water rescue cradle. The person can be easily positioned horizontally in the cradle and smoothly operated by raising the grip bar or the retrieval channels.


It's almost 30 years of providing the most potential clients in the offshore industry. Now we are providing a 5-year warranty on all Man overboard safety man overboard retrieval systems. Although this marine rescue product can be operated for more than 15 years with basically no maintenance or spares costs. Due to high quality and best quote in industry, our frequent buyers are very well aware and now we want this to be understood by new buyers.