FSE Safe PMI® Fall-Tek™ Rescue Solution

It is always risky to work at a height without any assistance or rescue solution. Considering fall rescue, FSE Safe has come up with the PMI® Fall-Tek™ Rescue Solution. Protecting the coworkers from their fall protection without any harm to the rescuer is quite challenging. But PMI® Fall-Tek™ Rescue Solution is the best fit for this. You can easily rescue the coworker safely by using PMI® Fall-Tek™ Rescue Solution.

PMI® Fall-Tek™ Rescue Solution made in the U.S.A, ANSI compliant certified components to meet ANSI Z359.4 (2013) and related standards. It eliminates the time required for tying knots or fixing up a difficult rigging system. Use the PMI® Rescue ClipStick to hook the suspended coworker and then lift or drop them to safety. Our expert will help you from start to end with all your queries. We recommend you get well trained on the PMI® Fall-Tek™ Rescue Solution. This will make it easy to get easily rescue while working at height in construction or other industry.

    Solution Features :

    ● 11 mm PMI Extreme Pro Rope (25m, 50m, 66m, 100m)
    ● 1 – 1m PMI Wire Rope Sling
    ● 1 – height Hurricane Pro™
    ● 1 – PMI D4 by ISC
    ● 1 – 8’ Hastings Pole with SureClip
    ● 1 – Casualty Attachment Sling
    ● 5 – SMC FP Lite Alloy Carabiners
    ● 1 – Pair of Rescue Shears
    ● 1 – Climbing Technology Quick-Up Handled Ascender, Right Handed
    ● I1 – Carrying Bag


    1. Once you receive the rescue solution take out the rope and other products from the bag. And gathered the tools properly and make sure that you pay attention to how it is modeled so that if you get it apart, you can accurately put it back together for immediate use in a rescue.
    2. Examine all parts and document well that they should not be damaged. If you found it then please inform us. Retain the stock labels and instructions found in the Rescue Solution packaging as a permanent record. Keep a copy of these instructions with the Rescue Solution.
    3. To know more in detail please refer to our catalog below for more information on uses.


    1. Special Training should be taken every six months to use this rescue solution.
    2. Make sure that each individual Rescue Solution is well checked against receipt, before and after every use.
    3. Before starting projects the workers must consider the rescue solution and particular method of rescue for each Jobsite through the Job Hazard Analysis prior to beginning work.
    4. Refer to the instruction regarding every component of the rescue solution
    5. Make sure all personnel working at height are using appropriate PPE and fall protection.
    6. To know more in detail, please refer to the below catalog for info.

    Few things to do while taking care and maintenance of Soft Goods:

    1. Cleaning
    2. Disinfect
    3. Lubricate
    4. Dry
    For more details check out the catalog attached.

    Final Words:

    Having a PMI Fall Tek rescue Solution at the workplace while working at height is always helpful. Protecting the workers at the workplace is the priority and FSE Safe PMI® Fall-Tek™ is the perfect solution for it. Check out our catalog to get the complete info about How to use and care or maintenance.

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