ATEX Ex Proof Products | Emergency & Rescue | Marine & Fire Rescue | Industrial Safety

FSE Safe Projects Pte Ltd is a global trading enterprise.
Industries served : Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals & Refineries, Marine Ships, Vessels, Tankers, Power & Energy, Chemical & Pharma, Water & Waste management, Mining & Construction, Engineering & Manufacturing.

Explosion Proof - ATEX - IECEx
Products for Hazardous Areas, Confined Spaces and Explosive Atmospheres Highest safety standard explosion proof products including Ventilation, Lighting, Pumps, Motors, Electrical Equipment, Heating, Process Instrumentation, Flame Detection, Gas Detection, Mobile Communication.

Emergency & Rescue
Emergency Response Equipment, Descent and Rescue Devices, Fall Protection, Ropes-webbing-cordage, Personnel Gear, Medical Emergency equipment, Industrial and Worksite Safety Equipment.

Marine & Fire Rescue Safety
Marine Rescue, Marine Search Beacons, Man Overboard Safety - Rescue - Recovery - Alert Systems - Alarms, Marine Communication and Navigation, Marine Alarms, Rescue Boats and Crafts, Fire Rescue Safety. Fire Fighter Equipment.

Standard high quality, high performance and highest safety standards
that is us at FSE Safe Projects Pte Ltd